5 Tips That May Save A Struggling Marriage

10th June 2018

Tip 1 

Prioritise your partner and do not take them for granted. Make sure you plan and stick to quality time together as a couple. Set a date night once a week. It does not have to involve going out or spending a lot of money - just spend time together. You could watch a movie, choosing a meal and cook it together, go for a walk, play cards, discuss your day over a takeaway and a glass of wine once the kids are in bed.

Tip 2

Remember you are equal partners, so be prepared to compromise - it is not always about one person's needs.

Tip 3 

Tempted to cheat? Do you think there may be something better or more exciting out there??? Think again...the grass is rarely greener on the other side of the fence and you risk losing something good just to discover that.

Ask yourself why you are tempted to cheat or explore. It is usually less about the person you think you are attracted to and thinking of having an affair with and more about the lacklustre and mundane relationship you have with your spouse....do something about this...add a little excitement to your relationship. Maybe send a love letter asking them to meet you in a certain place on a certain day and time.

Tip 4 

Feel as if you are growing apart? This is common after children come along. Talk to your spouse and tell them how you feel and your concerns. Discuss the future - get back on track by doing the things you did together as a couple before you had children. Chose a new hobby such as dancing or join a club together. It is all about reconnecting and shared goals for the future.

Tip 5

Remember you are first and foremost partners not just parents. Embrace in the concept of togetherness at least some of the time, as after all, we all need space and me time.

Good Luck

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