What Should You Do If You Suspect Or Discover Your Partner Is Cheating

3rd July 2018

Cheating partners are most likely to be caught during their THIRD affair according to recent research. 


Firstly, it is only adultery if the other person your partner is having a sexual relationship with is of the opposite sex. However, it is still considered unreasonable behaviour to have close sexual relations with another person of the same sex.

So, what should you do if suspect your partner is having an affair?

  1. Consult a qualified solicitor who specialises in family law and preferable one that is a member of Resolution. www.resolution.org.uk. 
  2. This is a time to be smart and not let emotions dictate your actions and what you say – easier said than done admittedly. A divorce coach, such as myself, can help you learn this skill 
  3. Information is key
  4. Learn how to protect yourself from a practical perspective 
  5. Make a note of days and times and any evidence you may discover – but do not become obsessive it is not emotionally healthy

If you want to learn how to manage your emotions or want to be armed with more information about how to protect yourself practically then contact me Sarah Hull – The Divorce Architect  – www.partingways.co.uk  

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