Sarah Hull is a Leeds based solicitor with approaching 30 years’ experience in family law.

Her approach to each chapter of ‘life and the law’ is unique and rather refreshing. In fact, one of her favourite sayings is that “everyone has a book in them, and I provide legal support for each chapter in that book”.

Whilst her work with ‘unmarried couples’ and ‘protecting wealth’ can raise sensitive subjects, Sarah knows that nothing brings out the full range of human emotions like a separation or divorce.

And, this is precisely why her service is so different from others in her profession.

Sarah Hull Life's Chapters

Sarah knows that her work is not to simply see her clients through a legal transaction. It is a life-changing event. It’s the conclusion of one chapter, ready to turn the page and begin a new one.

Sarah views her relationships with her clients as teamwork. Her clients bring the problem, and Sarah provides the solutions. On the one hand, strategy and planning are vital to ensure the short, medium and long term implications of all decisions and outcomes are considered and a person’s objectives achieved. On the other hand, it is travelling on a sometimes unpleasant journey, with guidance and reassurance and rebuilding of self-confidence where required.

Sarah provides a cost-effective service. If she personally wouldn’t spend money on something, then she’ll advise her client not to.

She is there to defend your corner, carefully, and with a laser-focussed, the end-goal strategy behind each action.

Often, particularly with the end of relationships, communication seriously breaks down between the parties.  Sarah will coach you how to communicate in the right way and believes that honey is far better than a stick!  Now please don’t misunderstand here.  We are not for one moment saying Sarah will not be striving for everything that is yours and in your best interests, because she will.  She knows exactly how to get the right outcomes for you and sometimes being reasonable or even slightly generous on something which isn’t important to you can reap huge rewards!

Choosing a legal advisor to represent you is a hugely personal decision.  Sarah always advises finding a legal advisor who you feel most comfortable with because you may well need to tell your lawyer details that you wouldn’t want others to hear!

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What Sarah’s clients say:

"I was impressed with the straightforward, focused and professional service that I received from Sarah. The quality and clarity of the advice that I received were excellent. At each step of the process I felt informed and supported. I also found the billing process very transparent and the monthly accounts helped with budgeting. Overall the service I received represented excellent value for money. Thank you again for helping things to go so smoothly."

"I instructed Sarah in relation to my divorce as she was recommended to me by a friend. She impressed me with her knowledge of the divorce process, her understanding of the issues I was facing and her speed of response. Above all, it was her guidance and sensitivity around how to approach/manage some difficult discussions with my ex-wife (especially in relation to matters impacting on my children), that I valued most. A first class service that I would, and do, highly recommend."

"Thank you so much Sarah you have been brilliant! I started back at work this week and everyone is surprised at how quick it's gone through, I've told them all I had the best solicitor. Take care!"

"Thanks for all your hard work it was worth every penny!"

"You are an absolute star! Your reflections on my case are really helpful. Thank you!"

"With Sarah's help, advice and encouragement I am not fearful of the events ahead. She gave me the opportunity to see forward again. Her input has helped me in more ways than I can mention, not just the legal issues which I can't thank her enough for. I feel like I've climbed out of a hole and I am no longer the person I was when I walked into Sarah's office. I simply couldn't quantify or understand what was needed, to put all the things into place to move on, Sarah did this for me. Once again, a huge thank you for everything. I can't say much more than that."

"I feel I have more progressed and gained more confidence and clarity for the way forward from my initial 60 minute consultation with Sarah than I have from other professional sources over the past 6 months. I can now see the light at the end of tunnel."

"I came to Sarah in a fog, not knowing where I was or where I was going. Not only did Sarah make the fog go away she also swigged the light on and took my hand and guided me to it. Thank you Sarah I never thought I would come out of this at the other end but you helped me do it even through the really tough times."