Do You Want To Be In The Driving Seat Of Your Divorce?

16th June 2021
Do You Prefer Being In The Driving Seat? Do you want to be in the driving seat of your divorce? I often say that the person who starts the divorce proceedings is in the driving seat and controls the process Timing is everything If your ex has already taken control, then...

How Do Adult Children Still Living At Home Impact on Your Divorce?

2nd June 2021
Do You Have A Boomerang In Your Home? The ‘boomerang' generation is the generation of young adults returning to live at home or those not leaving the nest until their late thirties or early forties is becoming a common occurrence in divorces nowadays. And the pandemic is increasing this phenomenon...

Unmarried Couples Living Together Need A Cohabitation Agreement To Protect Themselves

17th May 2021
When two people buy a property, a trust is automatically created without them having to do anything. The legal owners hold the property on trust for themselves, whether in equal or unequal shares. The people who stand to benefit from the trust are known as the beneficiaries and have the...

Unmarried Cohabiting Couples Are Left High And Dry By The Law

10th May 2021
If I had a pound for every time an unmarried couple refers to a set period of time they have been living together as a relevant fact in respect of their legal position I could retire   “Common law marriage” “common law husband” or “common law wife” do not exist and...

How To Make Your Divorce Easier For Your Children

4th May 2021
No parent wants to knowingly inflict emotional pain on their children But children aren't daft If things are rocky in your marriage, your children will have already picked up on it. From the way you speak to each other or the things you no longer do as a family etc....

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