No Fault Divorce - Everything You Need To Know

28th March 2022
  No-Fault Divorce will soon become law From 6 April 2022 couples wanting to divorce and go their separate ways will no longer have to play the "blame game" Paving the way for a smoother and more amicable divorce It is the biggest shake-up of matrimonial law since 1973 and I believe...

"No-Fault" Divorce - all you need to know

11th January 2022
Is “no-fault” divorce a good thing? There are many benefits to the new system that comes into effect in April 2022 The main benefit of a “no-fault” divorce is that it’s hoped that by removing the need to blame and shame to obtain a divorce the level of conflict between...

Is it time to leave your marriage?

5th November 2021
  Recently, Adele released an album that she says was inspired by her own divorce When do you know when your marriage can be salvaged, and when is it time to leave?    IDENTIFY THE RED FLAGS   The first step is acknowledging the issues that are driving you to consider a divorce....

Do You Want To Be In The Driving Seat Of Your Divorce?

16th June 2021
Do You Prefer Being In The Driving Seat? Do you want to be in the driving seat of your divorce? I often say that the person who starts the divorce proceedings is in the driving seat and controls the process Timing is everything If your ex has already taken control, then...

How Do Adult Children Still Living At Home Impact on Your Divorce?

2nd June 2021
Do You Have A Boomerang In Your Home? The ‘boomerang' generation is the generation of young adults returning to live at home or those not leaving the nest until their late thirties or early forties is becoming a common occurrence in divorces nowadays. And the pandemic is increasing this phenomenon...

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