18th June 2019
It is a style of Divorce you may not have heard of. Collaborative law is a process for divorcing couples to sort out the arrangements for the children and the finances. Each spouse appoints their own collaboratively trained lawyer but instead of negotiations being through solicitors letters, emails and phone calls it...

How do you get divorced?

30th May 2019
The legal process of getting a divorce is straight forward.It is a 6 step process.   Step 1 An application (petition) is made to a divorce centre by one spouse (the petitioner) to the marriage.   Step 2 A Notice of Proceedings is then sent to the other spouse (the respondent) with an Acknowledgement of Service...

Worried about the effect of Divorce on your Children?

1st May 2019
One of the reasons people stay in an unhappy marriage is because they want to protect their children from the impact of divorce. Sometimes, however, you have to accept that the long term benefits outweigh the short term pain. The damage caused by leaving is small compared to the potential damage caused...

When you talk are you heard?

4th April 2019
Once you have decided with the help of your divorce solicitor and coach what it is you need and want from your divorce settlement it is easier to communicate this to your soon to be ex and/or his solicitor. By being clear in what you want and need allows you to...

What makes a successful marriage?

2nd April 2019
The 6 Key Factors for a successful marriage are:-   Understanding  We all need to feel loved and appreciated. One of the reasons people like to be in a relationship is so they feel loved and supported. Knowing someone loves us warts and all and that someone has our back. However, it's important...

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