When One Party Wants A Divorce And The Other Does Not

14th March 2019

It can cause devastation and people often feel as if their world has come crashing down around them. They may feel stupid that they didn’t see it coming, they have no idea what went wrong or what they did to bring it about. If this is you then STOP right there. Firstly and...

The Dangers of DIY Divorce Even If Your Separation Is Amicable

26th February 2019

Sadly, marital breakdown is a common occurrence affecting about 42% of marriages in England and Wales. The ending of a marriage can be an extremely painful and distressing time for the whole family, particularly when there are children involved.   With a financial squeeze on our personal finances, it is understandable why...

How To Reduce Angry Arguments In Your Relationship

15th February 2019

Do you find yourself shouting and yelling at your partner and don’t know how you got to that point?  Do you find you say things you later regret and which cause untold damage to your future relationship?  If so, this is a must-read article for you and it may help you save...

Why do some people find it hard to leave an abusive relationship?

18th December 2018

Sadly, the answer is that many people do not recognise they are in an abusive relationship (tunnel vision) or they refuse to accept it when people outside the relationship point this out to them (denial).   Misplaced Attachment Naturally, people become attached to others because of their shared experiences or feelings. In abusive...

What to do if you are thinking about separating from your spouse

19th November 2018

Make a Plan Understand your finances, both yours and your spouses. This includes what debts and hire purchase agreements you both have. This will help you practically plan for your future as a single person. It also enables you to gradually take back the reigns and be responsible for your own...

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