Separation, Divorce & Financial Settlements

Here to support you all the way

If you are at the end of a marriage or civil partnership it can be one of the most lonely, uncertain and emotional times of your life.  Whether you are the stage of separation, divorce or financial settlement, it is not easy.

Sarah understands.  And, is here for you.

You are unique and your circumstances are equally unique.  You need the right advice and guidance so that you can make the right decisions to see you through the end of this chapter as smoothly as possible.

Whether you are looking for early advice or your situation has already gone past that stage, Sarah is on your side… ready to move you forward.

Her job is to legally disentangle a couple so they can both go their separate ways as swiftly as possible.

Divorce and Financial Settlements

Marriage and civil partnerships automatically create financial obligations between spouses and partners.  These obligations are not automatically brought to an end through divorce or dissolution proceedings by the granting of the Decree Absolute or final decree. 

The decree absolute of divorce, or final decree in the case of civil partnerships, only bring to an end the contract of marriage and civil partnership.  They actually open up the possibility of making financial claims to enable capital, income and pensions to be distributed.

Unless there is a separate Financial Court Order (by consent or otherwise) that also dismisses or otherwise resolves financial claims, those claims remain open indefinitely.  Many people do not realise this.

This is the case even if you and your spouse or partner reach an agreement directly and divide your assets between you at the time of your separation or divorce or dissolution.

A Consent Order/ Financial Court Order can include:

Financial claims such as capital, income and pensions to be distributed

End date for claims, to stop them continuing indefinitely

Enforcement for delayed or withheld maintenance payments from an ex-spouse

Obligations for certain assets such as pensions to be paid

The Consent Order/ Financial Court Order is the only means by which you can be certain that any agreement will be upheld by both parties and the door to future claims truly closed.  And we know just how important it is for your future to have that door locked and bolted.

Life’s Chapters Supporting You

Sarah is an extremely experienced divorce lawyer, and to say she has her client’s back is an underestimate.

She understands the way couples breaking up act.  She understands the constraints and processes of the law.  And, she understands you – or at least she will very quickly.

Sarah likens the financial discussions on divorce as a game of chess.  It’s a case of working out how to get checkmate in the least moves ensuring the quickest, most amicable and cost-effective settlement is to be reached.

Sarah guides her clients through this horrid time by being their confidant and advisor.    She not only explains each stage and all available options to allow you to make the right decisions, but she knows that often honey is better than a stick.  Giving in on something unimportant to you can often be the exact tactic that gets you what you really want!

Divorce can be an expensive time and so Sarah always adopts the ‘if she wouldn’t spend money on it herself, then she won’t advise you to’ approach.  However, she will always provide all your options because it is totally your decision.

In the event, an agreement over financial arrangements cannot be reached, or one party fails to engage in the process to provide full disclosure, Sarah will help you obtain a court order setting out how the court considers the assets should be divided.

As a member of Resolution, a national association of family lawyers, Sarah is committed to help separating families achieve a constructive settlement. This helps to avoid protracted arguments – promoting co-operation between parents in decisions concerning finances and best outcomes for children.  Sarah will always strive to ensure the lines of communication remain open, even if strained to start with, to aid effective co-parenting going forward.

Whether you need help and advice about separation, divorce or financial settlements, Sarah is here for you as you end one chapter and begin a brand new one.

Download Life’s Chapters’ FREE guide on the divorce and dissolution process here:

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Download Life’s Chapters’ FREE guide on the financial settlement process here:

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What Sarah’s clients say:

"I was impressed with the straightforward, focused and professional service that I received from Sarah. The quality and clarity of the advice that I received were excellent. At each step of the process I felt informed and supported. I also found the billing process very transparent and the monthly accounts helped with budgeting. Overall the service I received represented excellent value for money. Thank you again for helping things to go so smoothly."

"I instructed Sarah in relation to my divorce as she was recommended to me by a friend. She impressed me with her knowledge of the divorce process, her understanding of the issues I was facing and her speed of response. Above all, it was her guidance and sensitivity around how to approach/manage some difficult discussions with my ex-wife (especially in relation to matters impacting on my children), that I valued most. A first class service that I would, and do, highly recommend."

"Thank you so much Sarah you have been brilliant! I started back at work this week and everyone is surprised at how quick it's gone through, I've told them all I had the best solicitor. Take care!"

"Thanks for all your hard work it was worth every penny!"

"You are an absolute star! Your reflections on my case are really helpful. Thank you!"

"With Sarah's help, advice and encouragement I am not fearful of the events ahead. She gave me the opportunity to see forward again. Her input has helped me in more ways than I can mention, not just the legal issues which I can't thank her enough for. I feel like I've climbed out of a hole and I am no longer the person I was when I walked into Sarah's office. I simply couldn't quantify or understand what was needed, to put all the things into place to move on, Sarah did this for me. Once again, a huge thank you for everything. I can't say much more than that."

"I feel I have more progressed and gained more confidence and clarity for the way forward from my initial 60 minute consultation with Sarah than I have from other professional sources over the past 6 months. I can now see the light at the end of tunnel."

"I came to Sarah in a fog, not knowing where I was or where I was going. Not only did Sarah make the fog go away she also swigged the light on and took my hand and guided me to it. Thank you Sarah I never thought I would come out of this at the other end but you helped me do it even through the really tough times."