Telling Your Children About Your Divorce Is Difficult. 10 Top Tips to make it easier

13th September 2018
I recommend the following:- 1. Tell your children all at the same time, even if the meeting is physical and/or partially virtual 2. Perhaps have one meeting with adult children immediately before a meeting with the younger children. This allows you to pitch the conversation at the appropriate level and also avoids...

Asking 10 “critical” questions before embarking on a serious relationship can help couples thrive

7th August 2018
Asking ten “critical” questions before embarking on a serious relationship can help couples thrive, according to a new study by the University of Exeter. Long-term relationships last when they are built on friendship, respect, realistic expectations, shared interests and humour, according to the research. Evidence from couples, as well family lawyers, mediators...

Is What Will “They” Think” Holding You Back From Making Decisions About Your Future?

2nd August 2018
Are you being held back by the notion that “they” will think badly of us? “They” are parents, neighbours, friends, relatives, co-workers, doctors etc. This kind of obligation is about the value people have of themselves. In reality, most people rarely interact in ways that negatively touch on their family’s perception...

10 Ways To Diffuse An Argument With A Partner

9th July 2018
Arguments can often get quickly out of control and lead to major fallouts Here are some tips on how to avoid a full-blown row developing:- 1. Make a Cup of Tea/Coffee I am not suggesting a cup of tea is the solution to all problems but taking some time out to do something...

What Should You Do If You Suspect Or Discover Your Partner Is Cheating

3rd July 2018
Cheating partners are most likely to be caught during their THIRD affair according to recent research. Firstly, it is only adultery if the other person your partner is having a sexual relationship with is of the opposite sex. However, it is still considered unreasonable behaviour to have close sexual relations with...

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