It is not all about women men suffer from it too

23rd September 2020
IT IS NOT ALL ABOUT WOMEN, MEN SUFFER FORM IT TOO Men suffer from Domestic Abuse too but they tend to keep it a secret and suffer in silence Most people think of domestic abuse as physical violence. However, it is far wider than that. At present domestic abuse covers but is...

5 Signs you are tired of your marriage

16th September 2020
  5 Signs you are tired of your marriage   Like January, September is a month of renewed energy and new beginnings. It's the start of the last quarter of the business year, time to shed excess weight for Xmas, the start of a new academic year etc. After the year we have...

How To Prepare For A Divorce To Get The Best Outcome

3rd September 2020
  HOW TO PREPARE FOR A DIVORCE TO GET THE BEST OUTCOME Money can rarely buy happiness, especially when your marriage is falling apart. It can, however, buy material comfort, solve problems and secure the right legal support. Money isn’t without its own problems. The more you have of it, the more...

When to introduce your children to a new partner

25th August 2020
Introducing your children to your new partner  When is too soon? When to introduce your new partner to your children is a tricky question and fraught with danger. The truth is, there isn't a right time, but remember it is all about the children and not you The introduction of a...


21st August 2020
  Should you tell your employer you are getting divorced? It's a tricky call to make. It's a balance between the privacy and space to deal with your divorce and letting people know you may need support from time to time. Many people keep their divorce secret from their employer because they...

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