5 Ways To Protect Your Children From the Potential Harms of Divorce

11th June 2018
Sadly, many parents get immersed in their own pain and suffering when their relationship breaks down irretrievable and they can, understandably and unintentionally, lose sight of the effect this may have on others around them, especially any children who are particularly perceptive to a change in atmosphere in the family...

5 Tips That May Save A Struggling Marriage

10th June 2018
Tip 1  Prioritise your partner and do not take them for granted. Make sure you plan and stick to quality time together as a couple. Set a date night once a week. It does not have to involve going out or spending a lot of money - just spend time together....

Why Every Divorcing/Separating Couple Should Have A “Clean Break Order” A decree Absolute is only half the story.

9th June 2018
Whilst you may have managed to agree on matters with your husband or wife and know exactly how you want to divide your matrimonial assets, it is a very risky strategy to assume that your ex-partner will always be good on their word or has told you everything you need...

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