Is What Will “They” Think” Holding You Back From Making Decisions About Your Future?

2nd August 2018

Are you being held back by the notion that “they” will think badly of us? “They” are parents, neighbours, friends, relatives, co-workers, doctors etc. This kind of obligation is about the value people have of themselves. In reality, most people rarely interact in ways that negatively touch on their family’s perception...

10 Ways To Diffuse An Argument With A Partner

9th July 2018

Arguments can often get quickly out of control and lead to major fallouts Here are some tips on how to avoid a full-blown row developing:- 1. Make a Cup of Tea/Coffee I am not suggesting a cup of tea is the solution to all problems but taking some time out to do something...

What Should You Do If You Suspect Or Discover Your Partner Is Cheating

3rd July 2018

Cheating partners are most likely to be caught during their THIRD affair according to recent research. Firstly, it is only adultery if the other person your partner is having a sexual relationship with is of the opposite sex. However, it is still considered unreasonable behaviour to have close sexual relations with...

5 Ways To Protect Your Children From the Potential Harms of Divorce

11th June 2018

Sadly, many parents get immersed in their own pain and suffering when their relationship breaks down irretrievable and they can, understandably and unintentionally, lose sight of the effect this may have on others around them, especially any children who are particularly perceptive to a change in atmosphere in the family...

5 Tips That May Save A Struggling Marriage

10th June 2018

Tip 1  Prioritise your partner and do not take them for granted. Make sure you plan and stick to quality time together as a couple. Set a date night once a week. It does not have to involve going out or spending a lot of money - just spend time together....

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