What makes a successful marriage?

2nd April 2019

The 6 Key Factors for a successful marriage are:-



We all need to feel loved and appreciated. One of the reasons people like to be in a relationship is so they feel loved and supported. Knowing someone loves us warts and all and that someone has our back. However, it's important to recognise that our partners have the same need.

A successful marriage is where both partners know their partners as well as themselves and keep a place in their heads and hearts for their partner. Having an awareness of their partners day to day life, what matters to them, what stresses them out, what their strengths and their weaknesses are etc. 

By knowing our partners better we are kinder and more forgiving. 

Now ask yourself, how well do I really know my partner?


For example:-  

Do you know your partners mothers birthday?

Do you know if your partner has ever had a serious illness?

Could you list your partner's hobbies?

Do you remember when and how you first met?

Did your partner have a pet when they were growing up?

Does your partner have a secret ambition/dream?

What were your partners best and worst childhood experience?

Does your partner have a phobia about anything?

What irritates your partner most about their work?

What is your partner's favourite meal/song/film/book?

What foods does your partner love/hate?

What does your partner worry about?

What really annoys your partner about you? 

If your partner came into money what would they do?

In the event of sudden death would your partner want their organs to be donated?

What is your partner's attitude to life?  

What household chores do your partner most hate and what don’t they mind doing? 

What would your partner like to do when they retire?


Take time to get to really know your partner and what makes them tick. By doing so you are one step closer to a successful marriage as you will have understanding. 


Part 2 coming soon

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