When you talk are you heard?

4th April 2019

Once you have decided with the help of your divorce solicitor and coach what it is you need and want from your divorce settlement it is easier to communicate this to your soon to be ex and/or his solicitor.

By being clear in what you want and need allows you to have some control and therefore be heard.

However, it is important not to become polarised and inflexible. I am not saying you should always give way to what your soon to be ex wants but it is important to have an open mind and have some items you would be prepared to forego. There may be some wants and needs that you simply cannot forego. 

No-one gets everything they want and therefore it is important to have wants that you can trade-off for more important wants.

Holding out for non-essential wants can be costly. You need to, with the help of your solicitor and coach, work out the cost proportionality for continuing to hold out for a given want. Ask yourself do you really want the extra cost, stress and delay for that want.

How you communicate your needs and wants to your soon to be ex is vital if you are to achieve your objectives and maintain a civil future relationship with your soon to be ex. This is particularly important when there are children involved. 

Whilst everyone can speak not everyone can be heard.

I spend time with all my clients coaching them on how to effectively communicate with their soon to be ex.

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